PowerSchool is a student information management system. It is widely used across different educational institutions. In my case, we were provided such accounts in middle school, using them up until the end of high school. While these kinds of systems are very powerful for both teachers and students, they can also be very annoying. Particularly, my issue stemmed from a lack of organization during high school. I would typically forget what my next class was in between classes, and have to scurry to my PowerSchool portal to check this information. …


This article has been provided solely for educational reasons, and the author is not responsible for any harm done to other computer systems through the malicious usage of this information.

What is BadUSB?

BadUSB refers to USB devices running reprogrammed firmware that allows them to act as a human interface device (HID). An example of an HID includes keyboards and mice. This means that it can perform the same tasks, emulating the same functionality of a computer mouse or sending keystrokes the same way a keyboard would. Using this ability, BadUSB devices have the potential to perform malicious activity on the target machine…

A word on DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are one of the most simple forms of cyber attacks, and yet it’s still something that the Internet struggles to combat. As the Internet expands at a rapid rate, so does the amount of IoT devices. These IoT devices, if improperly configured, may be abused in order to launch attacks. DDoS attacks can cause downtime for companies, which in turn leads to a loss of revenue. It is important to combat DDoS in order to minimize service interruptions, whether it be on an organizational or residential level. Attackalyzer is a service that allows anyone to submit a packet…


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